Micronclean is Ireland's leading cleanroom garment service provider


The majority of microorganisms found in cleanrooms come from the personnel working within the area. Human hair is one of the most obvious contaminants and therefore providing a suitable headwear is critical for all cleanroom applications irrespective of the cleanroom classification. Micronclean provide two types of head cover, the open face hood and the maximum containment hood.

Maximum Containment Hood
The maximum containment hood is the highest level of protection we provide. These hoods are suitable for applications up to ISO Class 4 (Class 10 Fed. Std.) and are suitable for use with disposable mob caps for use in either aseptic or non-sterile applications. The maximum containment hood has a built-in face mask to reduce the risk of hair or skin flakes contaminating your cleanroom.



Open Face Hood
The open face hood is suitable for less critical areas or where disposable face masks are used together with a hood. Using a hood reinforces the requirement to cover all facial hair and when used in conjunction with a mob cap and face mask provides a very effective barrier.